General Terms of Business

Sec. 1 Miscellaneous

Latest revision: 05 February 2019

Sec. 2 Contractual terms for registration

1. Registration and confirmation; conclusion of contract

Registration is performed by the customer on-line by booking at The contract is concluded by the acceptance of the registration by BDÜ Weiterbildungs- und Fachverlagsgesellschaft mbH. A confirmation by e-mail constitutes acceptance of the registration. This contractual relationship is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2. Participant fee and its payment

By registering for the conference, the customer undertakes to pay the participant fee punctually. The participant fees are:

Early booking (registered and paid by 31 May 2019)

BDÜ members*
€ 440,-
€ 599,-
Start-up freelances/students**
€ 199,-
€ 220,-

Regular participant fee (registered and paid from 1 June 2019 on)

BDÜ members*
€ 599,-
€ 699,-
Start-up freelances/students**
€ 199,-
€ 299,-

*The reduced fee for BDÜ members also applies for employees of extraordinary members and for members of other FIT associations (such as ADÜ Nord, ASTTI, ATICOM, ITI, Universitas), of DTT, and of Tekom.

** Als Existenzgründer gelten BDÜ members who began working as a freelance interpreter and/or translator after 1 November 2016 are considered start-up freelances. Fill out and submit the document Selbstauskunft for this purpose. Students who are studying to become a translator and/or interpreter at a university or a Fachakademie für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen must submit a current certification of their status as a student.

*** Speakers whose abstract has been accepted by the program commission.

All prices are inclusive of applicable value-added tax. The participant fees cover the participation at the conference, trade fair, and job fair, as well as conference documents and catering provisions (coffee, water, non-alcoholic drinks, fruit, snacks, lunch).

The total number of participants in the conference is limited to one thousand, of which one hundred places are reserved for start-up freelances and students.

Registration must be done on-line, and is binding. Upon registration, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. The invoice must be paid within thirty days. However, if your registration is not received until after 30 April 2019, and you wish to enjoy the early-booker discount, you must pay the invoice by 31 May 2019 at the latest, instead. If the amount is not credited to our account by 31 May 2019, you must pay the regular participant fee.

By activating the button "Binding registration" you make a binding registration and a promise to pay for the professional conference "Übersetzen und Dolmetschen 4.0".

3. Withdrawal/cancellation, naming substitute participants

Cancellation by participants

For cancellation by 22 April 2019
no charge
For cancellation by 21 Oct. 2019
cancellation charge of 50% of the participant fee
For cancellation between 22 Oct. 2019 and 21 Nov. 2019, or for non-participation without previous cancellation
cancellation charge of 100% of the participant fee

You can name a substitute participant. In this case, you will incur a handling charge of 10% of the original amount of the invoice. The refund will not be paid out to you until the participant fee has been received from the substitute participant. If the substitute participant is not named until shortly before the conference, we cannot guarantee that their data will be included in the list of participants.

An early-booker discount will be transferred to the substitute participant. A reduced fee for membership in an association will only be transferred if the substitute participant provides evidence of their membership to BDÜ Weiterbildungs- und Fachverlagsgesellschaft mbH.

Cancellation by the organizer

We reserve the right to cancel the event because of too small demand or number of participants, or for other good cause for which we are not responsible (such as force majeure). In this case, participant fees which you have already paid will be refunded. No further claims may be asserted.

4. Reservation of right of modification

We shall be entitled to make necessary changes or modifications in content, method, or organization (such as due to changes in the law) before or during the event, if these do not substantially alter the benefit of the announced event for the participant. We reserve the right to omit planned units (lectures, workshops, etc.) if the speaker cancels at short notice.

Documents provided as part of events are prepared to the best of our knowledge. No liability or warranty for their contents being correct, up-to-date, or complete, or for their quality, will be assumed.

5. Retention of ownership, and usage of instructional materials

The event, as well as the working documents distributed, are protected by copyright, and may not be reproduced or published, in whole or in part, without our consent.

6. Photographs and video recordings

The participants should note that video and audio recordings of parts of the event may be made, and may subsequently be reproduced and published by us. By their participation in the event, the participants declare their agreement to this recording/photographing.

Sec. 3 Instructions on revocation

1. Right of revocation

If the customer is a consumer*), then the following right of revocation applies:

You have the right to revoke this contract within 14 days, without stating the grounds.

If you have registered for the event during a period of less than 15 days before its performance, then the following passage applies, which you must confirm during ordering:

"I demand that performance of the service should begin already before the period for revocation has expired, and confirm hereby that I have been informed that my right of revocation lapses upon performance of the service."

In order to exercise your right of revocation, you must inform us:

BDÜ Weiterbildungs- und Fachverlagsgesellschaft mbH
Managing Director: Roland Hoffmann
Uhlandstr. 4-5, 10623 Berlin
Fax: +49 (30) 88712841

of your decision to revoke this contract by means of an unequivocal statement (such as a mailed letter, a telefax, or an e-mail message). You may use the sample revocation form for that purpose, but this is not required.

If you complete and send the sample revocation form electronically, we will promptly transmit a confirmation of the receipt of the said revocation to you (such as via e-mail).

*) Consumer:
Sec. 13, German Civil Code – Consumer
Consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for a purpose that is not in exercise of their trade, business, or profession.

Sec. 14, German Civil Code – Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur means a natural or legal person or a partnership with legal personality who or which, when entering into a legal transaction, acts in exercise of their trade, business or profession.

2. Consequences of the revocation

In the case of an effective revocation, what has been received by both parties in performance of the contract must be returned, and any benefits obtained (such as interest payments) handed over. Obligations to refund payments must be met within 30 days. The deadline begins for you upon sending your statement of revocation, and for us upon our receiving it.