Terms of Use

This statement was drafted in German. If any discrepancies should occur between translated versions of this statement and the German version, the German version shall always prevail

1. Definitions

The expressions used in these Terms of Use are explained briefly below:

  • „We“ and the abbreviation „BDÜ WBFV“ are used to designate the BDÜ Weiterbildungs- und Fachverlagsgesellschaft mbH.
  • Registration is necessary in order to register for the conference or to use other functions, such as inspecting the registration data. The section requiring registration is called the „participant portal“.
  • The expression „Web site“ comprises all the functions and services that we provide via our platform under www.uebersetzen-in-die-zukunft.de, including the functions of the participant portal that require registration.
  • The expression „customers“ refers to everybody who uses the Web site, visits it, and has registered in the participant portal.
  • The expression „registration“ designates the creation of a customer account via our Web site, in order to obtain access to the participant portal.
  • The user name entered during registration, as well as the password entered for access to the participant portal, are designated as „access data“.

2. Scope

The following General Terms of Use govern the terms for using our Web site, including all the functions available there, in particular the registration section (participant portal). By using our Web site or accessing it, you explicitly consent to these Terms of Use, as amended from time to time, and acknowledge that you have read and understood them.

If one of these terms is considered invalid, null and void, or not enforceable for any reason, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

If we neglect to enforce one of the provisions of this statement, that shall not represent a waiver of the respective provision.

3. Reservation of right of modification

We reserve the right to make modifications of our Web site and our terms, including these Terms of Use, our terms of sale, and our general terms of business at any time.

4. Operator

BDÜ Weiterbildungs- und Fachverlagsgesellschaft mbH
Uhlandstr. 4-5
10623 Berlin
Commercial register entry: HRB 89378, Berlin-Charlottenburg Local Court

5. Electronic communication

If you use our customer portal or send e-mail messages to us, you are communicating with us electronically. We will communicate with you via e-mail or by publishing advice on our Web site. For contractual purposes, you agree to receive electronic communications from us, and you agree that all consents, notifications, publications, and other communications which we inform you of electronically do not require written paper form in this respect, unless mandatory statutory regulations require a different form of communication.

6. Web site access and security

You may not extract and/or re-use our Web site and/or parts thereof without our explicit written consent. In particular, you may not employ data mining, robots, or similar data collection and extraction programs to extract our Web site, and/or parts thereof (whether once or repeatedly), without the explicit written consent of BDÜ WBFV.

Minors may only use our functions in the participant portal and the registration with the assistance of a parent or guardian.

You may not use our Web site:

  • in a manner that might interrupt, damage, or otherwise impair access to our Web site
  • for fraudulent purposes, or in connection with a criminal offense or illegal activity
  • in order to cause harassment, inconvenience, or anxiety
  • to obtain in any imaginable way registration information or other data, in order to access a participant account belonging to another person.

7. Registration for the participant portal

Registration by the customer for our participant portal is a precondition for registration for the conference and for using specific functions of the Web site (such as inspecting your registration data, etc.).

The customer shall be obliged in registering to fill in the fields provided in the registration form truthfully and correctly. If the data recorded change after registration, the customer has the duty to inform us of all changes with respect to this data without delay. Some of this information is visible in the participant portal of our Web site, and can be updated if necessary.

All customers may only register once, and may only register for themselves, unless the person to be registered has given their permission explicitly.

When registering, the customer specifies access data (a user name and a password for access to the BDÜ WBFV participant portal). User names that violate the rights of third parties, in particular trademark or name rights, are not permitted. User names that are illegal or immoral are also not permitted. In case of an impermissible user name, we reserve the right to alter it, or to demand that the customer alter the user name.

8. Duty of confidentiality of the access data

The customer shall keep the access data secret, and protected against access by unauthorized third parties. Passing on the access data or allowing another person to access one's own participant account, or transferring a participant account to another person is not allowed without our written consent. If you use our participant portal, you are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your access data, and for restricting access to your computer. To the extent permissible under applicable law, you hereby agree to be responsible for all activities that are undertaken via your participant account. You must take all necessary steps to ensure that your password is kept secret and stored securely. If the customer loses their access data, or discovers or suspects that the access data can be used by a third party, the customer must inform BDÜ WBFV of this immediately. BDÜ WBFV assumes no liability for damage due to access data having fallen into the hands of third parties.

BDÜ WBFV will never ask you for your password, so that you must not make it known to our staff, either.

9. Barring customers

BDÜ WBFV reserves the right to reject the customer's registration without stating reasons, to block customers' access to the participant portal or only parts thereof with immediate effect, or to remove or alter contents in the participant portal ‒ in particular if these violate applicable laws, these Terms of Use, or other applicable contractual provisions or guidelines.

The barred customer is forbidden to re-register or use the participant portal in another way without BDÜ WBFV's permission. BDÜ WBFV reserves the right to initiate criminal-law actions and to assert civil-law claims against the customer.

10. Deleting the access to the participant portal

Access to the portal can be removed at any time and without stating reasons, either by the customer or by BDÜ WBFV, by giving written notification. This deletion comprises only the deletion of the access data, but not the deletion of the entire customer/registration data record, because we must continue to store registrations made and associated invoices, for example, for reasons of archival, tax, and other law.

11. Our liability

We provide our Web site “as is”, without any explicit or implicit guarantees. We always try to ensure that our Web site is available without interruption, and transmissions are free of error. However, we do not guarantee that our Web site is always hazard-free, secure, and error-free, or that it will always function without interruptions, delays, or defects.

Use of our Web site is made at your own risk.

Access to our Web site may occasionally be interrupted or restricted, in order to enable repairs, maintenance work, or the introduction of new facilities or functions. We try to limit the frequency and duration of each of these temporary interruptions or restrictions. We assume no liability for loss of earnings or other consequential damage, special, indirect or accidental damage resulting from this statement or from the use of our Web site or in connection with that, even if we have been informed of the possibility of such damage.

This does not apply if our action was intentional or grossly negligent.

12. Applicable law

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall govern all legal relationships. This means that claims in connection with these Terms of Use arising from consumer-protection standards must be pursued in Germany.